Facebook/BSN: Tech Career Experiences Through a Legal Lens, 3 March 2021 | event snippets (2)

Following this successful event, we are sharing snippets of the advice given by our fantastic panellists:

What is a tech lawyer?

  • Fluid, dynamic and always changing
  • Not narrowly defined
  • Can be regulatory, can be implementary

Do you need a tech background?

  • No! Specialist backgrounds can be very useful but are not essential
  • Nicolette’s background prior to joining Facebook was in media and advertising and she advised that those doing a similar transition immerse themselves into the new environment and be open to learning from more experienced colleagues
  • Geofrey provided valuable advice for those wanting to explore and express an interest in tech – click here to read more

How does tech impact the way we practice law?

  • Tech helps firms to provide a more competitive product
  • Opaque processes can become much more transparent which clients often like

Advice for lawyers who are considering starting out in tech

  • Barry advised that you take the jump, explore your interests and think broadly as most big companies have a wide tech input
  • Nicolette advised that you shouldn’t be intimidated – Nicolette qualified through CILEx and worried that this would be a limitation alongside not having a tech background but it hasn’t been

Thank you Barry, Geofrey and Nicolette for your valuable insights and advice!