BSN’s Statement

The Black Solicitors Network is committed to justice and equality under the law for all people regardless of race, colour or creed.  We are horrified by the manner of the death of Mr George Floyd at the hands of those who are meant to protect and to serve.  We express sincere sympathies and condolences to the family of the late Mr Floyd and expect all those responsible for this cruel and inhumane act, like any other citizen, to be prosecuted and rigorously dealt with in accordance with the law. 

We stand in solidarity with Mr Floyd’s family and with those seeking justice on his behalf and for the other black men and women in the United States that have met similar fates. 

Sadly, the issue of racial injustice is not confined to the US.  Decades and years of enquiries, reviews and reports, from the Scarman Report 1981 and the McPherson Report 1999 through to the Lammy Review 2017, highlight structural inequality in policing and our justice system. The recent Public Health England report (COVID 19: review of disparities in risks and outcomes) further highlights the deathly impact of social inequality on black communities.

We will continue to fight for race equality and a level playing field for all . 

A dream deferred is a dream denied” 

Langston Hughes