BSN’s comment on the Government’s Commission for Race and Ethnic Disparities report

Dear members and colleagues

You will have seen or heard about the Government commissioned report published on 31 March by the Commission for Race and Ethnic Disparities which was formed in response to the BLM protests. The inaccuracies and omissions in this report and its negative impact on the race equality agenda have been ventilated in the media and by organisations, like the Runnymede Trust, over the past few days.

Let’s be clear. Structural racism is a lived reality for people of colour in our society and profession.

The Black Solicitors Network is and remains resolutely committed to the dismantling of structural and systemic barriers to the recruitment, retention and progression of aspiring and existing Black lawyers. We value the support of the many organisations in the legal sector and beyond with whom we work collaboratively in this endeavour and who share our values.

Over the years we have seen positive change in the diversification of the profession at the entry level. But progress at the top for Black lawyers has been painstakingly slow. There is much work still to be done to ensure a level playing field in equality of opportunity and advancement. So, together, let’s keep on pressing on towards sustainable change for our society and profession!

Read the Runnymede Trust’s full statement here.