Appointment as Deputy High Court Judges

The JAC has been asked to run a selection exercise to recommend up to 14 candidates for (DHCJ) to sit in the Queen’s Bench (civil not crime) and Family Divisions. The exercise is expected to launch on 16 July.

This is the first opportunity for practitioners without any previous judicial experience to apply for an open DHCJ exercise run by the JAC. Applications can be made by barristers and solicitors with at least seven years’ post-qualification experience (as well as existing fee-paid and salaried judges). No specialisms are required. There is also a requirement for candidates to be able to provide a reasonable length of service of eight years before they reach the usual retirement age of 70 for judicial roles. This is longer than the usual three to five years reasonable length of service as there is an expectation that successful candidates will apply for later salaried High Court roles as they are advertised. The appointment as a Deputy High Court Judge is time limited to four years.

There will be two shortlisting stages, followed by a ‘selection day’. At each stage selections will be made on merit.

Shortlisting will be initially through a paper sift of applications, including candidates’ written examples of how they meet the competencies for the role. Additional questions may also be asked in the online application to provide further evidence to assist the panel in its assessment of andidates. References will not be requested at this stage of the process. For those candidates who re successful in the sift, there will be a second stage to the shortlisting process involving a  telephone assessment to further test particular areas, including but not limited to oral communication skills.

The selection days will consist of a role play and an interview. References will be obtained in advance of the selection day and considered at this stage of the process.

More information is on the JAC website

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