00925: Specialist Circuit Judge – Mercantile

On 22 January the JAC will launch a selection exercise to select a new Specialist Circuit Judge Mercantile to be based at Manchester Civil Justice Centre.

Interested candidates may wish to note that the requirement of previous judicial experience has been waived for this position. All candidates will still be expected to be able to show outstanding knowledge and expertise in commercial law.

The Mercantile Court is part of the Queen’s Bench Division and the successful candidate will be authorised to sit as a Judge of the High Court, based at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre. The work of the Mercantile Court spans the whole range of commercial litigation, serving the business communities of Manchester, Liverpool and elsewhere in the North-West.

The application period is expected to run from noon 22 January to noon 5 Feb.

If you have any further queries regarding this role please contact Françoise Cave on 0203 334 6078 during normal office hours or via email francoise.cave@jac.gsi.gov.uk Full details will beon our website shortly before launch.

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