Register to vote in the Council Member Elections 2013 – Ethnic Minorities Constituency

The Ethnic Minorities constituency is a non-geographical constituency contested by 7 candidates in this election. The BSN Board urges you to vote for the current BSN Chair,Nwabueze Nwokolo. She is one of the incumbent council members and has worked tirelessly across the country to ensure that issues affecting BSN members are heard by the Law Society council.

The Law Society council agrees the strategic direction of the Society’s work, including the annual business plan and budget, changes to Law Society policy and rules, and where it focuses its efforts on behalf of its diverse membership.

To receive voting papers for the ethnic minorities seat, solicitors on the roll should contactcouncilelections@lawsociety.org.uk by 21 May 2013.

If you have not opted in, you will not receive a ballot paper for the ethnic minorities constituency in this year’s Council elections.