Opportunity for Black student participation in Judicial training

The Judicial College is responsible for training all Judges.

District Judge Obodai, who sits in Manchester as one of the foremost business and property judges, is the course director responsible for Civil Training and Deputy District Judge Induction Courses.

One of the modules is on injunctions and committals (i.e. being sent to prison when someone breaches an injunction). The module is being rewritten this year and it will involve making a short video about sentencing.

DJ Obodai, on behalf of the Judicial College, is seeking to find a young black male circa 20ish to play the role of the Defendant in the video. The requirement for a young black male is because the exercise will be trying to highlight some of the issues of sentencing, e.g. vulnerable parties and witnesses and stereotyping.

Two other senior members of the judiciary, His Honour Judge Worster and His Honour Judge Richardson (both Judicial College Tutors) will be playing, respectively, the role of the very inept Judge and Solicitor.

Filming will be in court 18 at the Manchester Civil Justice Centre on 2nd July at 10.30am. Filming should take up only part of the morning.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a student (whether BPC, LPC or LLB) to be involved with an exercise that helps train the judiciary. It will be an opportunity to meet some senior judges, learn about injunctions/committals, and play a part in a Judicial College exercise.

If anyone meeting the description wants to apply, or if you have any questions please email arnoldayoo@23es.com by 10am Monday 24 May 2021.

This information can be downloaded as a pdf here.