BBC Academy looking for BAME solicitors for TV and Radio

The BBC Academy is organising a day of free introductions to the world of broadcasting to help black, Asian and minority experts feel more comfortable about appearing on TV & Radio as expert contributors or presenters – and boost the diversity of experts in the media.

The BAME Talent Days – which follow last year’s acclaimed Expert Women Days – will offer a range of practical media experiences including sessions on camera and in a radio studio as well as masterclasses and the opportunity to meet and network with experienced programme makers and industry leaders.

The BAME Talent Days are for men and women and will be held in London (9 Oct),Birmingham (27 Nov), Bristol (29 Jan), Salford (26 Feb) and Glasgow (12 March).

Applications are now open for the London BAME Talent Day which is looking for BAME experts with recognised expertise in the following subject areas:

– Cultural Commentary – experts in areas like social policy or national identity, to include law & education
– History
– Finance and statistics – from personal finance to big business
– Science – all fields
– Health and medicine
Food and nutrition – chefs, cook, experts on farming and food production, etc

The deadline for the London applications is Sunday, 31st of August.

More information – and details of where to send the application – is available here.

Experts who are interested in applying for the Birmingham, Bristol, Salford and Glasgow events can register their interest now and will be sent a reminder when the applications open:





For details of the subject areas they’ll be targetting in these cities, use this link.

This is a great opportunity for black, Asian and minority solicitors who want to share their knowledge, passion and expertise on TV & Radio – and help boost the number of BAME experts in the media.