An evening with Gina Miller BSN City Group / Linklaters: Inspired to Succeed

17 October 2019

Black Solicitors Network and Linklaters were delighted to host an evening with Gina Miller last Wednesday.

The evening with Gina Miller was a master class in living a life with purpose and radical transparency. While it is rare to have an evening with an individual changing the course of a country’s history, it seemed even rarer to discover that so much about her life indicates this will not be the last time she does so. A wide-ranging conversation, not dominated by Brexit, rather the incredible story around Gina’s upbringing, influences and how experiences moulded her to become a trailblazing change-maker. She is a principled woman who understands that transparency and adherence to core values is essential for a better society. A great evening during a historic time.

Our thanks to Gina Miller for Speaking Out, Standing Tall and Leading the Way with courage, transparency and integrity!