00909: Senior Circuit Judge – Resident Judge

Salary: £141,332
Number of vacancies: One in Birmingham and one in Newcastle
Closing date for applications: noon 24 June 2014

Full details are now on our website.  Including the application form and the information packwhich describes the role, the selection process and provides key dates. You will also find job descriptions for Circuit Judge and Resident Judge and outline terms and conditions of employment.

The role
These are high profile leadership roles in two of the busiest justice centres in the country. Both posts will involve the full duties of a Circuit Judge in addition to hearing the more demanding and specialist cases.

Resident Judges deal with some of the most serious criminal cases including murder, serious sex offences, organised crime and complex fraud. You will need to be able to handle tense and emotionally charged situations in high profile cases with authority and sensitivity.

You will provide leadership to the judiciary and manage the business of the court centre.  This includes maintaining appropriate arrangements for the welfare, training and guidance of the judiciary and providing a link between them, the Presiding Judges and the administration.