Established in October 2004 during the Law Society Conference held in Birmingham, our group is the first of the two BSN Regional sections.

We organise events both professional and social and have had support from the Law Society in the form of the Regional Manager Clive Black who has been of great assistance in supporting our events, the Legal Services Commission and the Birmingham City Council.

We meet periodically in various places including the Local Birmingham Law Society, the Regional Office of the National Law Society (before its closure), the Birmingham City Council Chambers, Hammonds Solicitors and in the offices of our members.

Nwabueze Nwokolo is the Chair and the Treasurer of the group is Lloyd Richards.

Active members who have worked very hard to keep the group going include: Lorraine Moses Copeman (Solicitor), Tracey Ofarn (Barrister) and Deidre La Touche LLB.

Two of our members are elected members of the Birmingham Law Society.

Our past events have been supported by the former President of the Birmingham Law Society, past and present National Law Society Presidents and directors Cordella Bart Stewart and Yvonne Brown. We also hosted Judge Verin of the Birmingham Alabama Court Circuit USA.

We will continue to provide networking opportunities for our members and look forward to forging more links with progressive organisations that we will work with collaboratively for our mutual benefit.

Our aim is to encourage our membership to become more involved with our profession at every level by joining sections, groups and divisions relevant to them, both in area of practice and demography e.g. AWS (the Association of Women Solicitors), the Junior Division of the Law Society, the 4 practice sections of the Law Society, the Sole Practitioners Group and Resolution, to name a few.

One of our members is and executive member of the Sole Practitioners Group.

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