The Spring 2016 BSN Jobs Board has now launched –

Click here to go to the BSN Jobs Board.

We aim to present a range of jobs and career opportunities from a diversity of employers who want to make a genuine effort in terms of ensuring they reach out to a truly diverse pool of talent.

In terms of the types of positions, we will be covering the business of legal; that means Solicitors, Barristers, Trainee & Graduate, Legal Support and Business Support.

What does that mean for you?

For those looking for a new job and career opportunities, you will be able to quickly identify employers who are committed to recruiting and providing opportunities on the basis of fairness and equal access.

For employers, we want the BSN Jobs Board to be part of a solution; a portal to reach out to a diverse range of talent.

The BSN Jobs Board is for everyone!

Free to register, the BSN is an inclusive organisation and we encourage candidates from all cultures and backgrounds to register and use it.

Well who wouldn’t want to work within organisations that have open and fair recruitment and selection? Who actively seek to recruit on the basis of talent and who also look to treat people fairly in terms of career development opportunities?

Find out more

If you’re an employer or recruitment agency get in touch today to make sure your opportunities are on the BSN Jobs Board from launch. Email:

Click here to go to the BSN Jobs Board

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