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The Black Solicitors Network Advisory Panel was formed in 2008 and is comprised of former senior members of the Black Solicitors Network and other individuals who have worked with the Black Solicitors Network over the past years to enable them to accomplish their goals and objectives. Initially, the Advisory Panel comprised of Yvonne Brown and Stephen Friday the two past Chairs. During the course of 2008 criteria was established to recruit two other members of the Advisory Panel.


The Black Solicitors Network intends to establish the BSN Educational Trust. The aims and objectives of the Trust will be as follows:

  • To arrange Career Seminars and Workshops for aspiring lawyers.
  • To undertake research and develop policies and proposals in relation to improving diversity within the legal profession.
  • The establishment of a legal advice centre for those unable to pay for legal services.
    Educational projects.
  • Various pro bono activities.
  • Career Development programmes.
  • Services and publications.

Bursaries for aspiring lawyers who are unable to fund their education.
It will be proposed that there be six Trustees who have made a significant contribution to increasing the diversity of the legal profession.

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